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Course Description

Honors Chemistry

Prerequisite: Honors Biology, Geometry

Honors Chemistry is offered in grade 10 for students who have successfully completed Honors Biology in grade 9. Students selecting Honors Chemistry should have a strong interest in the sciences and must possess excellent mathematical ability. Honors Chemistry is the first part of a two year Chemistry program designed to prepare students for the AP Chemistry Exam in grade 11. The course was designed to cover the material presented in the first semester of a typical college course. Topics include but are not limited to measurements and calculations, matter, atomic structure, periodic law, chemical bonding, chemical formulas and compounds, chemical equations and reactions, stoichiometry, gases, solutions, and acids and bases. The class meets five periods a week. Although Honors Chemistry does not have a dedicated lab period, students are required to complete lab activities with lab reports. The class covers the same content as the grade 11 Chemistry course but features an accelerated pace to complete the required work in 40 fewer periods per year than the grade 11 Chemistry course.